Purveyors of Presentation

Milestone Awards is a full-service RIAA-licensed framing, trophy, and design shop committed to providing our valued customers with the highest level of quality and satisfaction. We pride ourselves in our creativity and ingenuity. Our unique designs include elements such as multi-layered elements and colorful silk-screening on glass, fabrics, stickers, found objects, and engraving. Our prices are constantly among the lowest in the industry without sacrificing quality.


From picture frame to hall of fame, Milestone Awards has displays all over the greater Los Angeles Area and beyond. Our customer base includes major record labels, such as Walt Disney Records, Universal Music, Hollywood Records, EMI, and American Grammophone, as well as individual recording artists and music producers. In addition to the record industry, we have provided our services to a host of other industries, such as insurance companies, food manufacturing, and film studios – wherever quality awards and framing are desired.